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Outbound Contact Centre Sales

Why do so many people dislike outbound sales calls? The answer lies in the design and execution of the marketing program. However, if done correctly by targeting the right prospects with a valuable offering then the outcome can be rewarding for both the prospect and company. Our know-how is focused on delivering brand advocacy, making our outbound sales solutions part of a larger plan to build brand equity.

Inbound Sales

The ability to convert inbound interactions into upsell and cross-sell opportunities is an important part of not only retaining customers but increasing their long-term loyalty to the brand. Smart bundling of products, the right level of sales training, tools, and our know-how enables us to deliver the types of conversions you would expect from a company solely focused on improving your customer experience.

We provide customised solutions to improve sales in the contact centre and in the retail environment.

Outbound SME Sales

Selling to small and medium size enterprises is not always effective through a direct sales force. We aim to work with our clients to streamline their business sales by segmenting opportunities based on size and industry and focussing them to the most cost-effective channel. Better utilisation of the direct sales force will ensure greater return on investment.