Retail Management

Retail store management   |   Product Demonstration   |   Distribution of SIMS and Products

Retail store management

Managing retail stores is a full-time profession that requires extensive experience in retail, workforce management and ability to train and motivate a diverse workforce. Retail stores are a critical customer touch-point for any company. How prospects and customers are treated at the retail level will have a significant impact on how your brand is viewed in the marketplace. Do you want an Apple or “take a ticket” delicatessen type of experience for your customers?

We know how to change your retail experience to achieve your desired business goals and align them with world best practices. By outsourcing your retail management to professionals, you are able to focus more on your core business rather than the distractions of daily retail management.

Product Demonstration

Product demonstrations are an important part of communicating and educating your customers. The range and pace of devices being released on the marketplace is extensive making it difficult for consumers to determine which product to choose. Product demonstrations, if done properly, can help engage your customers and make them loyal to your brand. Customers want to feel they can trust a brand. Trust is often built over time through great customer service and  consultation that helps educate them to better utilise your products and services.

Distribution of SIMS and Products

Distribution is the lifeblood of all telecommunication companies. Effective stock distribution, control marketing, dealership management, product placement and cash receivables are essential to ensure the right products are there when marketing say they will be. Effective communication is critical in ensuring distribution meets the needs of the business and customer expectations.