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Technical Help Desk

Help desk management is critical in ensuring customers are not only satisfied but also feel they can rely on a company for support and after-sale service. Ensuring a high first call resolution rate is an important aspect of meeting customer satisfaction and ongoing loyalty.

At Kinetic we work with our clients to identify intelligent ways to reduce the number of escalations and also to track and resolve support tickets more efficiently.

Self-service technologies

Companies and government can increase customer satisfaction levels by providing their customers with smart self-service technologies. There is a growing generation of customers demanding self-service applications to communicate with companies and government. The increasing cost of real estate and labour makes self-service technologies a critical component for investment for any company having to deal with a large number of ongoing transactions.

Kinetic can enhance your customer experience by deploying self-service technologies or assisting in the design of self-service solutions. Our experts take a non-technical view when designing solutions and focus around the customer experience.

Mobile management

Smartphones, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices need proper policies and support if provided to employees by employers. Telecommunication companies can sell more fleet deals to companies by partnering with Kinetic to manage the fleet for the corporate or government client. We utilise our help desk capabilities and our know-how, to cost-effectively provide the right type of mobile management based on client needs.

Our services include vendor invoice management, inventory management and dispute management. For mobile environments, it includes ordering and provisioning, and it is generally the most-predominant outsourced function.

Blackberry management

A number of organisations rely on Blackberry devices for messaging and other smartphone applications. Integrating Blackberry with other in-house technologies to enable a more productive workforce is one of the key areas of speciality where Kinetic can assist.

Our Blackberry certified technicians can provide the support and technical services to ensure your clients are given a complete Blackberry solution.