Inbound Customer Care

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Inbound Contact Centre Management

Why has customer experience become such an important topic when customers call you? Customers can often feel unsatisfied by the experience, or worse, become detractors of the brand. Why is this so? We understand the key factors that lead to poor customer experiences, especially the ones in the telecommunications, banking and government sectors. Delivering excellent customer experience management is central to how we design and operate inbound contact centre services.

Whether a retail or a business customer, we understand the key ingredients necessary to make the interaction become an inspirational experience for a customer. Our know-how enables us to cost-effectively manage inbound customer contacts. We customise our solutions after we fully understand the customer segmentation and profile for each of our clients. After evaluating your current customer contact centre, we will implement an agreed plan to evolve the operations, with clear targets in line with your business objectives.

Customer Lifecycle Management

Effectively managing your customer lifecycle is critical to ensuring you reduce customer churn, increase spend, and overall profitability. We understand the challenge in growing your customer base whilst keep existing customers happy. Losing customers due to high churn while growing your customer base ultimately achieves very little and becomes a costly exercise.

Each industry has a slightly different customer lifecycle. These variables are based not only on product design and pricing but also on competitor offering, market and economic conditions, and cultural nuances. The careful evaluation of all of these variables and their impact on profitability is an essential foundation for effective customer lifecycle management.

Social Media Management

The Customer Journey usually consists of five different stages: Awareness, Consideration, Inquiry, Purchase and Retention. It’s impossible to engage customers at each stage without a unified multi-channel strategy that incorporates Social Media.

Social Media has enabled consumers to speak their minds about the products and services they like and dislike. As per the latest research 51% of companies acquire customers through social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a Company blog. 79% of online shoppers spend at least 50% of their shopping time researching products. Social Media adds another layer of complexity because of its latent power to engage large numbers of people, a simple customer complaint in the social media domain can damage brand reputations and lead to losses in revenue. Companies can no longer risk ignoring the customer, or fail to provide immediate follow up and take responsibility for what happened. We can effectively manage your Social Media to ensure greater customer loyalty and brand advocacy.