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Manpower Outsourcing

Kinetic combines its recruitment and assessments with its world-class training and development programs to deliver outsourced manpower for front and back office staff.  Companies  and government can alleviate the risk associated with hiring staff directly, by using Kinetic for their supply of staff.

By using Kinetic, companies will save time, money and effort recruiting and training staff in the essential skills required to operate a successful and profitable business. Our area of speciality lies in training of staff to become more customer-centric and ultimately to improve the customer experience.

Assessment & Recruitment

Selecting the right staff for a role is one of the most challenging tasks for any employer. In the GCC it can be a very difficult process to select the right staff, as specific skill-sets are required in addition to cultural matching.

Kinetic can develop a program to properly assess skills and competencies specific for your organisation. We can also evaluate existing staff to determine knowledge or skill gaps. Once we complete the assessments we then provide reports and recommendations based on our findings.

Kinetic is a valuable partner for all your recruitment and assessment needs.