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Debt Collection

Effective debt collection is an essential component to achieving the margins you planned. A delicate balance is required to influence customers to pay, but at the same time retaining them as long-term customers. Often debt collectors create collateral damage that is costly to a company. Often good customers leave after they make payment because the experience was so poor.

Kinetic has a unique and proven methodology to increase debt collection and at the same time keep good customers loyal.

Telecom Billing

Correct billing and bill management is integral to the successful retention and ongoing relationship with customers. Not only is billing critical for effective financial management but as a major customer touch point can influence the length of time a customer remains loyal.

“Bill shock” is a well-known term in telecommunications and having the right strategies to manage these instances effectively can help increase customer loyalty. Kinetic has strategies, methodologies and technology to ensure the billing process enhances the overall customer experience.


Procurement has become a hot topic as many companies seek to reduce costs and ensure they receive the best value for money. Often the best practices in procurement are not followed or adhered to on a regular basis. This can often lead to poor decision-making and selection of the wrong vendors.

Kinetic deploys best practices and methodologies in the procurement process, in order to achieve its ultimate objective of providing the most cost effective provider for the business outcome.

Telecom Product Development

Designing the right telecommunications package for the right customer segment is fast becoming one of the most sought after services by telecommunication companies. Often it will be a minor tweak that can tip a losing product into a profitable winner.

Kinetic has specialists that can either design products or work with your team to help design the right product for the right customer at the right margin.