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  • speech_iconCurrently the image of a brand is not solely dependent on a carefully crafted advertising message, but rather on the conversations and experiences of millions of consumers.
  • cloudIt is projected that in 2013 Ethernet, Cloud, and Mobile Solutions will show double-digit annual percentage growth. In North America, wireless revenues will grow by 35 percent and wireline broadband revenues will grow by 19 percent over current levels.
  • social_media_iconEngaging customers using social media not only generates leads but also generates increased loyalty and revenue. Research has identified that approximately 70% of companies monitor social channels, but less than 5% have integrated social media into other customer interaction channels such as their contact centre. While some organisations refute social media’s influence, others that recognise its impact, have appointed specialist teams to understand, monitor and plan a suitable response.
  • mobileTelecommunications is a key enabler of economic growth, and service providers with the right strategy and partnerships will prosper.
  • doller60% to 80% of all telecommunication companies in emerging markets outsource to providers like Kinetic. In more mature markets this figure is closer to 50% to 60%. The trend is likely to increase towards outsourcing as the industry evolves rapidly away from traditional lines of revenue.
  • growth_chartMany companies are taking initiative to entirely depend on outsourcing for a complete solution on an economical budget.
  • circular_arrowThe Customer Journey usually consists of five different stages: Awareness, Consideration, Inquiry, Purchase and Retention. It’s impossible to engage customers at each stage without a unified multi-channel strategy that incorporates Social Media.
  • light_bulbsThe future will be all about information delivered digitally to other devices to make them do things more effectively and efficiently. Telecommunication companies stand to benefit from this technological evolution. Those that will dominate this enormous market will ones that can think better and faster enabling them to act faster than their competitors. There is no way this can be achieved without specialist outsourcing companies like Kinetic.