World Best Practice Implementations of Customer Experience Solutions


Kinetic is the leading Customer Experience (CX) company focused on providing strategic solutions for companies and government organisations wanting to elevate their customer experience to a level of market differentiation. Our team is comprised of leading international professionals who have a proven track record for implementing customer experience programs that generate sustainable economic value to the organisation. We partner with our clients to help transform their business so they can achieve their CX goals faster. Kinetic provides the expertise and the execution know-how to design and implement CX solutions that are practical, aligned with local market expectations, and able to generate sustainable economic value.   


Services to Improve Customer Experience & Business Processes

We examine all aspects of the business that can affect our client’s customers. Our in-depth experience in business process enables us to quickly identify problematic processes or those that need to be enhanced to improve the customer experience. We utilise our unique methodology and proprietary system for CX implementations ensuring we can achieve a successful implementation. These services include:

  1. Customer service management across all channels: voice, web chat, email, social media, snail mail.
  2. Sales management across all channels: retail, contact centre and online
  3. Back-office management: particularly collections, and claims processing
  4. HR & Training: particular focus on improving the customer experience
  5. Consulting: with particular focus on customer experience and multi-channel optimization
  6. Change management and business process transformation: focused on analysis, review and refining of processes not contributing positively


Experienced Award-Winning Team

Kinetic has an award-winning leadership team. What makes us unique is that we actually deliver what we say and then sum! We take pride in our work making our focus all about deliverables and performance. Our goal is become a trusted advisor for our clients providing measurable and sustainable value over the medium to long-term.

Our team of experts deliver solutions that give our clients a unique edge. Our “Best Options” approach enables us to deliver solutions to our clients that address their individual business needs in the market conditions they operate in. Our depth of experience in the industry and commitment towards delivering agile solutions places Kinetic as the ideal partner for companies seeking to do more with less.


Why is CX Such A Hot Topic?

Why is customer experience such a hot topic? The answer to this question lies in the strategies companies are looking at to address the economic pressures they currently face. The combination of globalisation and advancements in technology have together made it difficult for companies to differentiate themselves in the marketplace through simply their product, service or price.

The age of the hyper-connected consumer has arrived. Consumers have access to products and service at their fingertips making switching brands as simple as point and click. If they’re not happy with your service they will write the review online and tell all those in their social community. Customers now control the brand, not the company. It’s imperative that companies have a well thought and sustainable program to provide customer experiences that will inspire customers to write and say great things about you. The path towards sustainable market differentiation lies with how well companies can execute an effective customer experience program.